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Hearing is one of humanity’s most basic needs. The abilities to hear and communicate constitute the uniqueness of many of our experiences. Each individual’s hearing loss is just as unique. Innovative hearing aid manufacturer Oticon has been developing individual and high-quality hearing systems for over 100 years. The company follows the maxim of “people first” in product development and customer service. Based in Denmark, the manufacturer has always produced an impressive array of visually unobtrusive yet technologically sophisticated hearing aids.

Every person is unique and has individual preferences and needs. The task of modern hearing aids is to meet these individual requirements. Considering the large number of programs and assistance systems in contemporary hearing aids, the individual adjustment of all facets of these hearing aids poses quite a challenge. The innovative and flexible hearing aids by Danish manufacturer Oticon unite these and many other groundbreaking properties.

Individuality matched with personal needs

Due to the numerous adjustment options, these hearing aids are unlike any other – as unique as a fingerprint. Oticon’s customizable hearing systems can also detect and emphasize speech, meaning less need to concentrate on conversations and more energy for a pleasant evening. Aside from the many properties simplifying communication in daily life, you can also easily connect external multimedia devices to the hearing aids via a streamer. Despite this and numerous other innovative technologies, Oticon’s hearing aids are very small and discreetly positioned in or behind the ear. The combination of individuality, quality and discretion has thrilled people all over the world for over 100 years.

Oticon News

Oticon has technically redesigned itself with the new Inium Sense Chip platform. The Inium Sense Chip is integrated in the Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 series and features 30% additional processing power with minimum power consumption – all wirelessly too. This forms the foundation for a large number of useful functions that support your brain in the activity. Soft sounds are automatically recognized and made up to 20% more intelligible in your ear through the Soft Speech Booster. The use of “YouMatic” technology guarantees continuous environment recognition, in which every sound arrives at your hearing aid in the way you like it. Oticon’s near hearing aid models are available in 13 fashionable colors, so you can adapt your hearing aid’s appearance to your preferences.

Brain jogging with an Oticon wireless hearing aid

You want to hear and understand more of your environment and keep your brain fit for the future? BrainHearing technology in the new Oticon hearing aids does it for you. Thanks to the Inium Sense platform, feedback is recognized too and suppressed 4x faster.

As a small additional feature, the new product generation from Oticon has an optional, practical tinnitus solution you can simply control on an app installed on your cellphone. This allows you to move pleasant sounds like ocean soundscapes directly to your hearing aids in just a few moments.

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