Unitron Moxi Kiss Hearing Aid

A Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid, the Moxi Kiss comes in five varieties: the Moxi Kiss 500, 600, 700, 800 and the Pro. Winner of a Red Dot Design Award in 2014, this Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid comes with Tempus, a system that makes complex listening environments easier to understand. It uses a 312 battery, comes in 10 different color schemes and has been engineered to be as comfortable as possible to wear, all day long. Operating the hearing aid is simple as well. Just click the battery door shut and the device will turn on, then partially open the battery door to turn it off. When the charge is running low, you’ll receive a clear warning, giving you the time you need to find extra batteries.

Unitron Shine Rev Hearing Aids

The Unitron Shine Rev is another BTE hearing aid, and comes in three different varieties. The Shine Rev M is the smallest, using a 312 battery and offering a discreet hearing aid option. Moving up the scale, the Shine Rev S & Hpm is larger and more durable, uses a 13 battery size, and comes with a separate volume control and program button. Finally, the Shine Rev HP is a higher power option, using a 675 battery which will last longer than the other Shine Rev models. All of these hearing aids seek to remove unwanted noise and focus on what really matters. AutoMic automatically detects noise sources and directs the microphone towards them, while not sacrificing the ability to hear from all directions. This is complemented by Speech Enhancement and AntiShock – which cushions the impact of sudden bursts of noise.

Unitron Quantum Hearing Aid

The Unitron Quantum is a battery-powered BTE hearing aid. It is very simple to operate. Just click shut the battery door after inserting the battery, and the device will power on, then slightly open the door again to shut it down. While using the Quantum, users can easily control the device’s volume via a sliding toggle, while the same toggle can provide clarity control if needed, to focus on particular noise sources. The Quantum comes with a variety of preset programs, and you can switch between these easily via a push button on the case, which is tamper-resistant to avoid accidental button presses. Other features include a learning function, which gradually changes your hearing aid settings in line with the advice from medical professionals, as well as the ability to hook the Quantum up to Unitron’s remote control, making it even easier to operate.

Unitron Shine Hearing Aids

The Unitron Shine has been superseded somewhat by the Unitron Shine Rev, but it remains a solid and popular basic BTE hearing aid for patients with moderate levels of hearing loss. It features three major technological advances that are now standard elements of Unitron products. On one hand, the Shine delivers AntiShock functionality, helping to dampen the effects of sudden bursts of noise. It also includes adaptive microphones that are able to hone in on the source of conversations, making it easier to maintain an active social life, even in complex settings. Finally, it comes with Enhancement LD, which amplifies noises in front of the user, helping to make speech more intelligible. As with other Unitron devices, the Shine family comes with measures to reduce problems associated with phone usage (such as whistling noises) – just another of its many features that contribute to a significantly enhanced quality of life. With a lower price level than other Unitron devices, the Shine remains a useful and functional option for hearing aid users.

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