Keep your ears
safe in 2021


3 easy steps to keep your ears safe in 2021

This New Year’s Eve you will celebrate with family and friends. Children will laugh and shout with joy. Champagne will pop. Music will play. At 11:59 pm, you may count down to the ball drop. 10, 9, 8… 1!!! However, before New Year’s Eve is over you could find yourself grimacing in pain and isolating yourself from others. WHY?

The reason you may be in pain is the explosive sound from FIREWORKS!!! Fireworks could permanently damage your ears. Don’t let this happen to you! While celebrating this wonderful start to 2021, remember to make a resolution to keep your hearing health strong.

In the following text we will give you the best tips from our hearing experts at to get you and your loved ones safe into the next year.

Why hearing is one of the most important parts of your health:

  • Hearing across the full range of sounds keeps your brain functioning well.
  • The inner ear helps keep your body balanced.
  • Hearing keeps you safe as you can be aware of people and things that are all around you. You can also be aware of emergency signals.
  • Hearing keeps you happy. When hearing loss occurs, people often socialize less and experience depression. Hear well. Stay social. Be happy.
  • Hearing well maintains your quality of life. Listen to the New Year’s Eve cheer, wish your friends a Happy New Year over the phone, and listen to the birds on your New Year’s Day walk around town.

Keep your hearing safe with these 3 steps

The grandchildren want to celebrate with you during New Year’s Eve celebrations! They don’t want you to sit alone because you can not hear.

So, stick to your resolution for maintaining your hearing with these easy steps:

1. Wear earplugs during loud events. Exposure to a loud noise even just one time or to loud noises over a lifetime can lead to Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Loud music and New Year’s fireworks could cause immediate noise induced hearing loss. Therefore, wearing earplugs during New Year’s Eve celebrations could protect your ears.

2. Rest your ears after loud events. After being in loud settings you may experience ear ringing or sounds might be muffled. This is called temporary hearing loss. When experiencing temporary hearing loss, rest your ears for up to 24 hours. Just put your feet up and enjoy the silence. Ahhh, very relaxing!

3. Get regular check-ups from an audiologist. The audiology tests will determine if you have hearing loss. If you do have hearing loss, it is best to treat it early to possibly prevent further decline and keep your brain functioning well.

What to do after hearing loss

If you think you already have hearing loss, then it is time to take action now. Do you find it difficult to hear women’s and children’s voices? Do you have trouble hearing people over the phone? At, we are hearing experts who can discuss your hearing loss and help you find hearing aids that fit your budget and lifestyle. Whether you enjoy dining at a restaurant on New Year’s Eve or having intimate gatherings at your home, it is important to hear well and celebrate the New Year! Ensure your celebration is enjoyable by protecting your ears and your hearing health.

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