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Phonak Naida

Phonak Naida Reviews and features

Phonak has been innovating in the field of earing aids since they began their journey back in 1947. Their Naida collection covers a broad range of devices that deal with a variety of hearing conditions. While the Naida hearing aid has always been considered the premier device for profound hearing loss, the latest model, the Naida V, represents a major leap forward in the best hearing solutions. It serves as proof that the developers at Phonak still have what it takes to push boundaries and advance technology in the rapidly developing field of hearing improvement. The original Naida hearing aid was a breakthrough device launched back in 2007. It was warmly received as an excellent hearing solution for those who were suffering from more severe level of hearing loss and struggling to find a decent aid catered to their needs. The newer models of the Naida range have built upon everything that was good about the original device and added many new technologies and features.

The underlying technology

While the current Naida range offers a variety of different options depending on the needs of the user, the collection benefits from certain core technologies that underlie each version. DuoPhone is a customizable technology that makes for a much smoother experience during phone conversations. Whistleblock also helps with this by combatting the annoying whistling sounds that are common with many other hearing aids when dealing with phone conversations. WindBlock Management, NoiseBlock Processing, EchoBlock and SoundRelax all combine to enable a Naida hearing aid to deal with complex and potentially distracting environmental sounds such as wind, echoes, nearby fans and motors, and general background ambience. One of the more innovative features of the latest Naida range comes thanks to the development of SoundRecover. This advanced technology allows for a return of high-frequency hearing to those who have lost it. What this means in practice is that even those with a profound level of hearing loss can regain a detailed sound landscape, reincorporating environmental noises such as birds chirping and children playing.

Benefits those with profound hearing loss

Profound hearing loss signifies an extensive loss in the ability to pick up high-frequency sounds. It is difficult for most hearing aids to tackle this issue as the areas of the hearing complex that are normally targeted for amplification simply don’t function anymore. With the new technology, SoundRecover, the Naida hearing aid can enhance receptivity using frequency compression. In layman’s terms, what this means is that high-frequency sound information is moved down to areas that are still capable of interpreting sound.

Many people underestimate how much the loss of high-frequency hearing can affect day-to-day activities such as talking on the phone or watching shows on TV. SoundRecover technology can have an immense impact on the quality of life of those dealing with profound hearing loss.

The Naida range, an integrated platform

Aside from developing high-quality hearing aids, Phonak also offers a variety of integrated accessories that work with their devices that help make day-to-day living much easier. With these wireless devices, the normal functions of Naida hearing aids can be augmented. For instance, audio sources can be delivered directly to your ear for better enjoyment of media entertainment, and cell phone conversations can be sent straight to your device.

Naida IX hearing aids

A premium quality and extremely powerful range of hearing aids, this version is noted for its durability and long-life thanks in large part to its high resistance to water.

Naida V hearing aids

Featuring a variety of highly advanced features, these Phonak Naida hearing aids stand out for their ability to deliver an incredible increase in the ability to understand conversation effectively, even for those experiencing severe levels of hearing loss.

They are also noteworthy for their small size and offer an additional junior version ideal for the younger Phonak Naida hearing aid wearers.

Naida III hearing aids

These are the most basic of the Phonak Naida range, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are anything less than an exceptional hearing aid. They are more than capable of delivering an incredibly detailed picture of the sound environment. This range also includes options for young adults and children.

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