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The New Signia Pure Charge&Go IX Hearing Aid

Signia presents the groundbreaking IX-Technology (Integrated Experience), the ideal hearing aid for conversations with multiple participants. In this article, you will learn how the brand-new Signia Pure Charge&Go IX can significantly improve your speech comprehension in lively conversation situations.

Group conversation with Signia Pura Charge&Go IX Technology

How Integrated Experience Enhances Your Enjoyment of Conversations

Signia Pure Charge&Go Charger The new Signia Pure Charge & Go IX hearing aid is equipped with the latest hearing aid technology and features a discreet design.

Social interaction has a significant impact on relationships with others and often requires good hearing, especially in group conversations, which can be a particular challenge for your hearing, especially when participants are in motion. This is where Signia's new and revolutionary IX-Technology for hearing aids comes into play.

This unique hearing aid technology enhances your conversations in real-time. These three steps fundamentally change your conversation situation:

Analysis, alignment and adjustment

Experience a new dimension of hearing with the IX-Technology and enhance your social interaction.



Signia IX Technology in conversations

Whether in a closed room or outdoors, with the IX-Technology, you can effortlessly master any conversation situation.

The New Signia Pure Charge & Go IX: Technology that Gives You Freedom

With the Pure Charge & Go IX hearing aid, Signia has introduced the perfect hearing aid for complex hearing situations. Imagine spending time in the garden with your nieces or grandchildren. They play, run around, and move while they talk to you and need your attentive ear.

At the same time, background noises such as street noise or the neighbor's noisy lawnmower come into play. The Signia Pure hearing aid, with the Integrated Experience, keeps all these factors under control and allows you to have effortless real-time conversations, thanks to dynamic "conversation enhancement."

To learn more about how this works, watch this video:

With the Signia Pure Charge & Go IX hearing aid, you can actively participate in conversations, regardless of the group's size or the challenging listening environment. Additional features like Bluetooth connectivity for hearing aids and a powerful battery life make it easy to use in everyday life.

Furthermore, the Signia app offers you the possibility to adjust specific settings according to your personal needs. The Signia Assistant is available to assist you alongside your audiologist in optimizing sound quality. Experience a new dimension of hearing and customize your listening experience as you wish.

Experience the freedom to conquer complex hearing situations and enjoy time with your fellow humans without worry. Discover the Signia Pure Charge & Go IX hearing aid and experience hearing in a new and fascinating way.

The Benefits of the Signia Pure Charge & Go IX Hearing Aid at a Glance

Group Conversations of soccer team With the new Signia Pure Charge & Go IX hearing aid, you and your conversation partners can stay on the move because the hearing aid processes all sounds dynamically.

  • Real-time conversation improvement with the IX platform
  • Noise and feedback reduction
  • Speech enhancement
  • Dynamic alignment with the conversation partner
  • Environmental noise filtering
  • Suppression of hearing aid whistling
  • Battery power with up to 34 hours of runtime, including 5 hours of streaming
  • High wearing comfort
  • Small and slim design
  • Ready for the new Bluetooth standard LE Audio
  • 4 charger variants
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Signia app for customized settings
  • Signia Assistant for additional sound enhancement
  • Also available with a T-coil

Accessories for Pure Charge & Go IX

To provide you with additional comfort in your hearing aid daily life, Signia has introduced a wide range of accessories. Whether you prefer wireless solutions or different charging options, this accessories ease the handling of your hearing aids and significantly enhance your listening experience. Speak with your local audiologist about the diverse accessory options.

  • StreamLine Mic and StreamLine TV: Both devices enable wireless audio streaming. The StreamLine Mic can serve as a conference microphone, while the StreamLine TV transmits TV sound directly to your hearing aids.
  • Pure Charger and Pure Mobile Charger: Easily charge your Signia hearing aids overnight with the Pure Charger docking station. On the go, the Pure Mobile Charger ensures maximum battery life.
  • Pure Dry & Clean: The Pure Dry & Clean serves as a drying box and charging station. While drying, your hearing aids are disinfected with UV light, preserving the lifespan of your delicate hearing aids.
  • EarWear 3.0: Signia offers a selection of different receivers, so you can choose the one that fits ergonomically. The nearly invisible sound tubes ensure an optimal fit and enhance comfort.

Optimize your listening experience and daily life with high-quality hearing aid accessories from Signia. Speak with your audiologist today to find the best solutions for your individual needs.

The Innovative In-Ear Hearing Aid: Signia Silk Charge & Go IX

Signia Silk Charge&Go IX Charger The Silk Charge & Go IX is the world's first nearly invisible in-ear hearing aid that can be easily recharged.

If you're looking for a discreet and powerful in-ear hearing aid, the Signia Silk Charge & Go IX could be the right model for you. Equipped with the latest IX-Technology, this nearly invisible hearing aid offers all the features that will bring back the joy and ease of conversations. It can be easily recharged overnight, and with the mobile charger, you can enjoy full battery power on the go.

Signia Hearing Aids Devices

Conclusion: The New Signia Pure Charge & Go IX Hearing Aid

Signia's groundbreaking technology revolutionizes both one-on-one conversations and conversations in large groups. Thanks to dynamic real-time conversation improvement, effortless speech comprehension is ensured in every environment, regardless of the number of participants or their movements.

Moreover, additional useful features are integrated into the compact housing, allowing the Signia Pure Charge & Go IX hearing aid to seamlessly adapt to your active lifestyle. With these Signia hearing aids, everything becomes audible, and you improve your interpersonal relationships by effortlessly listening and actively participating in conversations.

Coach using Signia device winning a soccer match Enjoy the sounds of life and celebrate unforgettable moments with innovative Signia hearing aids.

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