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Hearing aids in North Carolina

Hearing loss can be experienced by anyone in North Carolina, and it’s something that millions of state residents have to deal with. This article explains the major hearing risks in the Tar Heel State and offers practical advice on what to do when your hearing starts to fail.

Ways to damage your hearing in North Carolina

There's no shortage of ways to damage your ears and auditory system. Take Nascar, for example. Hundreds of thousands of fans flock to the Charlotte Motor Speedway to watch national competitions every year. And with the high-speed vehicles – capable of 100-140 decibels – competing against each other, Nascar is virtually an assault on your auditory system.

The same goes for hunting and shooting - another great North Carolina tradition. Studies have shown that men over the age of 45 who hunt regularly are much more likely to develop severe hearing loss. It’s not a surprise that 95 percent of hunters admit to not wearing adequate hearing protection. But it's a shame for hunters who need to be able to hear their prey and colleagues to get the most out of their recreation. But hearing risks go beyond hunting and Nascar.

There are North Carolina's highways, the screaming fans at the Bank of America Stadium when the Panthers are in town, as well as major events like the Rebellion Rock festival every May. What's clear to audiologists and hearing specialists in North Carolina is that hearing loss is on the rise.

Hearing loss is a problem in North Carolina

Let's take a look at the statistics to illustrate the issue more clearly. In the USA, around 20 percent of adults report some degree of hearing loss. Given North Carolina's population of approximately 10 million, you can bet that many of Tar Heelers are currently struggling to hear clearly.

And the numbers are higher the older you get. By 65, over a third of Americans suffer from hearing loss, while a quarter of those aged over 70 has "disabling" levels of hearing loss. In North Carolina, that's a growing problem. As the N.C. Study Commission on Aging puts it, the number of North Carolinian seniors with severe hearing loss is expected to double in the next 20 years as baby boomers grow older.

However, all across America (and NC is no exception), people who struggle to hear are slow to seek assistance. Even among seniors, around 30 percent of those who can benefit from hearing aids has ever used them, and the figure drops to just 16 percent for those aged between 18 and 65. That's where can be of assistance.

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At, we're all about helping North Carolinians improve their quality of life. If you're an active senior and want to restore clarity to your cafe conversations, or you're a professional who needs to catch every word in corporate meetings, we can help. Our team works with a network of over 80 Partner Providers all over the state, including audiologists in every major NC city.

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