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Hearing aids in Tennessee

The Volunteer State is home to a large community of individuals with hearing loss, many of whom can be helped with the right hearing aid (although a surprisingly large number fail to do so.) At, we want to change that. Tennessee is a state where hearing matters. Whether it’s enjoying country music in Nashville or Dollywood, or having conversations with friends or strangers in one of America’s most hospitable states, hearing is vital to the lives of Tennessee residents. And it’s also essential in professional arenas – from sawmills and distilleries, to financial service companies and construction sites.

Major Hearing Loss Hazards in Tennessee

Most of the time, Tennesseans don’t realize that they are putting their hearing at risk. Hearing loss tends to develop over time, often over decades, and sometimes, it’s the things we love doing that are the root cause. For instance, live music can be devastating for our hearing. Amplified performances can create 120db of noise, well above the 80db experts suggest is the threshold for causing auditory damage. Automobiles and trucks can be just as harmful. Cities like Nashville and Knoxville have neighborhoods that rank among America’s noisiest – generating a steady hum which often exceeds that 80db limit.

If you live near places like Nashville International Airport, that can add another layer of noise. However, even rural settings can be dangerous for your hearing. Hunting is hugely popular across the Volunteer State, but putting on protective equipment is less common. One study found that 95% of American hunters had gone without hearing protection at least once in the past year. With gunshots generating 140db of noise, just one shot can permanently damage your hearing.

Finally, from the state’s famous distilleries to its coal mines, airports, and military bases, workers across Tennessee are exposed to high noise levels every day, often without knowing the risks. This all adds up to a large number of people with some degree of hearing loss.

Understanding Hearing Loss in Tennessee: A Look at the Statistics

To understand Tennessee’s hearing loss situation, it helps to think about a few key statistics. Tennessee has a population of around 6.7 million people. 20% of American adults have some degree of hearing loss, which could add up to as many as 1.2 million Tennesseans. That’s a lot of people, and not all of them are seniors. Around 14% of those under the age of 69 report some level of hearing loss. Therefore, anyone can be vulnerable to hearing loss, although it’s true that those over the age of 60 are more at risk. What’s surprising, however, is how few Americans choose to wear hearing aids. The NIH reports that 16% of Americans between the ages of 20-69 who would benefit from wearing hearing aids actually do so.

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