NEW!’s most powerful devices yet: Horizon IX hearing aids. vs. Eargo Hearing Aids: Which Ones Are Right for You?

In your search for the best hearing aids, you’ve probably been a bit overwhelmed with the Google results. So many options, right? You’ve obviously come across us in your research (we’re so glad you’re here!), but you may have also come across many other companies like Lively, Miracle Ear and Eargo that sell what seem to be “similar” tiny hearing aids.

It can be hard to decipher the differences between all of the online hearing aid companies and products. Because most people wear their hearing aids 12-16 hours a day and often keep the same pair for 5-7 years, there are some major differences to be aware of before making the important investment into better hearing, and so you don’t waste your money. For example, here are a few key differences between and Eargo: hearing aids are higher quality than Eargo’s.

The age-old saying, “You get what you pay for,” couldn’t be more true when it comes to hearing aids. Eargo hearing aids are in fact cheaper and for good reason — they aren’t the highest quality. Here are some reasons why:

They’re reported to be uncomfortable.

After we spoke with countless hearing aid wearers, it was apparent that one of the most popular desired features was comfort. Most people wear their hearing aids for at least 12 hours a day. So the last thing anyone wants is to have something in or behind their ears that doesn’t feel good.

That’s why we spend countless hours not only focusing on developing the best technology, but also the often forgotten task of testing for comfort.’s ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aids are equipped with the softest, most flexible “click sleeves” that ensure a better fit and therefore better sound quality. This means you’ll hear sound more naturally and clearly, and have an easier time adjusting to them in the beginning.

Many hearing aid wearers report that Eargo’s hearing aids are uncomfortable and also don’t block out background noise. One customer on reported that “He couldn’t get them out of his ears fast enough.”

Eargo hearing aids come with limited features.

Eargo advertises that one version of their ITE hearing aids comes equipped with Bluetooth technology, but it’s actually the charging case that has it, not the hearing aids themselves. So, your charging case must always be within 30 feet of you and your hearing aids. If you lose your Eargo case or forget it when you’re on the go, you won’t be able to stream music, TV, audiobooks or calls into your hearing aids.

It’s also been reported that Eargo hearing aids only amplify sounds that are in front of you and don’t effectively filter out background noise. hearing aids provide complete 360-degree sound in any situation. They also have special speech algorithms and background noise filters so you can focus on what you want and need to hear.

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Eargo only sells a “one-size-fits-some” hearing aid, which means it’s pre-programmed for a “general” level of mild-to-moderate hearing loss. As a result, you cannot customize their device for your needs.

The issue with that approach is that each person’s hearing loss is different and unique; the way we hear sound is very individual. Think about it like when you go to a restaurant; there is a salt and pepper shaker on every table. Some people like their food more salty, some with more pepper. It’s the same concept with our ears. We all prefer different tones and have different lifestyles that require different settings.

There’s also a potential for non-customizable hearing aids to become unusable sooner than later. Hearing loss is progressive, which means it only worsens as you age. Especially if you’re using the incorrect hearing aids for your hearing loss. When your hearing loss worsens, you won’t be able to adjust your Eargo hearing aids; you’ll end up investing additional money into better, customizable medical-grade hearing aids that can adjust with you over time. only sells medical-grade hearing aids that are programmed by our more than 2,000 hearing professionals across the U.S. Your hearing appointment can be held in-person or via telehealth; you’ll have the same high-quality hearing care no matter which format you choose. The hearing aids you purchase from us will be personalized on the spot to your individual hearing needs, not to someone else’s. You deserve top-of-the-line devices for your money and to hear your best in all of the environments that matter to you. works with all major manufacturers, Eargo does not.

Eargo only sells one brand — their brand — of ITE hearing aids. They don’t take into account individual hearing needs or preferences and don’t work with people who have moderate-to-severe hearing loss. works with all major hearing aid manufacturers to ensure you have numerous choices when it comes to hearing aids. We also have our own state-of-the-art hearing aid called the Horizon IX.

Offering a variety of hearing aids is important because everyone has a different level of hearing loss and preference on wearing a hearing aid inside their ear or behind it. The actual fit and capabilities matter, and one brand and style that works for some people may not work for you.

Also, some people have more profound hearing loss and require BTE hearing aids; ITEs are only appropriate for a milder form of hearing loss.

The bottom line — do your research

Anytime you’re spending money, whether it’s pennies or thousands of dollars, you want to be sure the company you’re giving your money to is trustworthy and always has your best interest in mind.’s mission from day one has been to ensure everyone in the world can hear well to live well. We’re committed to ethical business practices and high-quality hearing care. We’re honored that our customers trust us with their hearing health.

In September 2021, it was reported that Eargo was being investigated for insurance fraud. According to a statement from Eargo, “On Sept. 21, the company was informed of a criminal investigation launched by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), related to insurance reimbursement claims the company submitted on behalf of its customers covered by federal employee health plans.”

While nothing has been proven at this point, the facts show that an insurance company originally started an audit and the DOJ has now taken over the investigation of Eargo’s business practices. These are serious accusations that should be taken into consideration when choosing where to invest your money. At this point, the long-term effect of these issues on Eargo’s company, product, services and customers is unclear.

Bottom line — make sure to research each company thoroughly before you spend your money with them.

If you’re ready to find the best hearing aid for you, click below to try them out for 45 days to see if they’re right for you. We’re so confident they will be, or you’ll get 100 percent of your money back.

Lauri Tucker

Growing up with an aunt who's worn hearing aids for 40 years, and a nephew who's deaf in one ear, Lauri wanted to support and inspire others with hearing loss. She's the senior copywriter at

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