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The one thing you should do if you have hearing loss: get a hearing test

Online Hearing Test Questionnaire

At, our mission from day one has been clear: To help everyone hear well so they can live well. And after 10-plus years of talking with millions of people with hearing loss, we’ve been able to note a common theme.

Many people delay treatment because they don’t realize the true extent of their hearing loss and the negative impact it actually has on their life. They also don’t know that untreated hearing loss will only continue to get worse; once they lose it, they can’t get it back. If a hearing test had been more convenient, or readily available, they may have understood the urgency of acting sooner.

If you’re suffering from hearing loss and considering getting hearing aids, getting a hearing test is one of the very first steps you should take. It will help you understand the severity of your hearing loss, and give you a recommendation on pursuing treatment.

An online hearing test from the comfort of your home is an excellent place to start when you first suspect hearing loss. We’ve teamed up with Better Hearing Institute to bring their reputable hearing test to everyone who’s just getting started.

Our free five-minute hearing test, modeled after the Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS), will help you quickly determine your level of hearing loss and if you need a more comprehensive hearing test and solution.

Did you know?

The Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins University have connected untreated hearing loss to severe health issues such as falling, depression and even dementia.

There are three steps to our hearing test:

Step 1: You’ll be asked to answer a series of questions about your hearing in typical day-to-day activities and settings. This helps to determine how hearing loss affects you and those around you every day.

The next two steps happen in the background:

Step 2: The answers to each question have been given a “weight”; they’re all added together and evaluated by our computerized testing algorithm.

Step 3: Your completed analysis is then compared to thousands of others with mild to severe hearing loss who have also completed the test and then sent to you via email. The National Council on the Aging (NCOA) originally compiled this information based on the answers from a representative study of thousands of people age 50 and above with hearing loss.

Your results will fall into one of 6 categories, with a range from “Very Mild” to “Majority severe to profound.” Solutions you’ll be presented with will be different based on your hearing loss severity. Hearing solution actions will range from getting a check-up to the more urgent, “Extensive communication difficulty requiring testing and hearing solution.”

While we will make a recommendation based on your initial results, we always recommend a follow-up if you have a gut feeling that you or someone you love has a hearing loss.

We applaud you for taking the first step and checking your hearing health. By acting now, you’ll not only slow your hearing loss progression, you’ll stay healthier longer overall. We’re excited you help you find a quality, affordable solution that meets your individual needs and lifestyle. Only with the best medical-grade hearing aids combined with the best hearing professionals will you have the best outcome. can help you down your personal and individual path to better hearing, no matter your results. You can take your hearing test now by clicking below.

Did you know?

As hearing declines, loneliness can intensify and set off a cascade of detrimental health effects. Now considered as hazardous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, loneliness vastly raises the risks of depression, dementia and early death.


Rick Rutter

Rick developed hearing loss as a child, so he's familiar with the challenges it creates. He's worn hearing aids for over 10 years and now leads product marketing for to encourage everyone to get the hearing care they need to live well.

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