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Sounds that people enjoy hearing the most (again)

What sounds would people most like to hear clearly again? Age-related hearing loss affects almost everyone to some degree, and subtle changes sometimes mean that sounds can vanish without people even realizing. Hearing loss can also result from accident or from exposure to loud noises – something that’s becoming more common thanks to traffic, heavy machinery and the constant bustle that is the backdrop to everyday life. A child’s laughter, the whisper of the leaves on the trees, the burble of water over stone, even the ping of the microwave – they’re all sounds that may not be heard fully by impaired ears. Modern hearing aids from bring those favorite sounds back – but what do people most look forward to hearing again?

What type of sounds are missed?

Some people long to hear nature in all its glory again – the sound of the waves on the shore, the birds singing and calling in the trees, the whispering of the grass, or the crunch of sand or gravel beneath strolling feet. Some sounds are subtle and easy to overlook when you no longer hear them. One gentleman thought that the forest he lived near was a dark and foreboding place that no bird would call home. However, after having a discreet hearing aid fitted, he realized that hundreds of birds had been there all along. Today, he enjoys walking in the forest, listening to the song of the blackbird, the caw of the crow, and the crackle of pine needles underfoot.

Great sounds from the great outdoors

With an unobtrusive hearing aid from, users can be as active as they wish. When hiking, climbing or jogging, often forgotten sounds are suddenly back – feet slapping softly on the sidewalk, the noise displaced soil makes on a hill, the rustle of a bush as a bird alights. Distant city sounds travel through the air; a hearing aid user from Louisiana recalls hearing a streetcar while walking in a park. He said that despite having taken the same walk for years, he had never heard the streetcar go past before. Animal lovers express utter delight at being able to hear cows mooing or dogs barking once their new hearing aid is in place. One lady says that the joy she felt upon hearing her cat’s purr again was indescribable.

Beauty and the beach

People who live on the coast often choose the surf and waves when asked what sounds they’d most like to rehear. While it’s easy to hear the crash of the sea or lake against rocks and pilings during turbulent weather, it’s also easy for that to become enough. Before long, calm waters that whisper and ripple as they lap the sand are a distant memory along with the gulls calling in the sky or the bell of the ice-cream truck. However, these sounds will be crystal clear when the right hearing aid is fitted.

Sun, wind, and rain

The wind is one of the everyday sounds that people most want to hear again. Whistling around the rooftops, ruffling the grass, or rattling the branches, the sound of the wind brings pleasure to so many. Others say that they missed hearing the raindrops on roofs and windows during showers or that not hearing the thunder before a flash of lightning was noticeable. The creak of sun-warmed metal is barely audible, yet it too is missed when it isn’t there.

Hear family, friends, and colleagues

One grandmother said that being able to catch what her grandchildren whispered to each other was both a joy and a revelation, while another lady cited the ability to join in a normal conversation without missing anything an advantage of having a hearing aid. Others say that shopping is much more enjoyable now that they can hear in-store announcements. In the workplace, sounds like the copier or fax are clear once again, although lots of people admit to liking the once-forgotten sounds of the coffee machine and the final bell more.

If music were the food of life…

Everyone loves music but it can be one of the first pleasures to be affected when hearing is impaired. The subtle nuances and changes of tone, that haunting violin or lightly-tapped cymbal in the background – those sounds can all vanish when ears aren’t as capable as they once were. Because the process is often gradual, many people simply don’t realize that anything is missing until they invest in a hearing aid. Being able to listen to a favorite song and have it sound just as good as it did 20 years ago is truly special.

Home is where the heart is

One new hearing aid user says that he loves being able to watch his favorite TV shows at a normal sound level. He jokingly adds that his children no longer rush to turn down the volume when they come into the den and that the neighbors have stopped complaining! For most people, the realization that they aren’t picking up certain sounds is gradual. A hearing aid can rectify most problems and even everyday background sounds like the point where the kettle stops boiling or the oven timer buzzes are happily welcomed back.

Feel safe and confident with a hearing aid

Safety issues are sometimes linked to the sounds that people miss – whether that’s the ability to hear traffic more clearly or the sound of someone approaching. A lady from West Virginia recalls that she was only alerted to visitors when her dog pricked up his ears and barked. Now, she can hear every footstep and creak when someone has stepped on to the porch. She says that she loves the extra confidence and feeling of security that her tiny device has given her.

Complete discretion and professional fitting

Not everyone wants to share the news that their hearing isn’t what it once was. However, because today’s hearing aids are virtually undetectable, they can be worn at home, at work, while outdoors, or in social situations without others noticing experts ensure that hearing aids fit properly and meet your needs. Virtually undetectable, they’re a must for those who want a fuller life, complete with their favorite sounds. founders

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