Myths about
hearing aids...Debunked!

If you have hearing loss and are thinking of purchasing hearing aids, you might have come across some myths about them online or in your social circle. Some of these myths are rooted in truth…from years ago! Hearing aids have changed so much recently that many myths you’ve heard about them are now completely false. So let’s debunk these hearing aid myths now!

Myth: Hearing aids are bulky and unattractive
Reality: Many of the latest designs are as small as coffee beans, making them virtually invisible to others. They are also sleek and elegantly designed, fitting discreetly inside or behind your ears.

Myth: Only old people wear hearing aids
Reality: People of all ages are discovering the benefits of wearing hearing aids. In fact, the best time to start wearing hearing aids is at the first sign of hearing loss because they can actually slow down its progression. This means in our noisy world, people in their 40’s are frequently benefiting from hearing aids and are wearing them proudly!

Myth: People who wear hearing aids are unsuccessful
Reality: Many musicians, athletes, and movie stars wear hearing aids. From Bono, to Eric Clapton, Robert Redford, Jodie Foster, and more – many of your favorite celebrities are still working and performing today – all thanks to hearing aids! Additionally, since hearing aids can be expensive, so wearing them serves as a sign of wealth. Not only that, but better hearing can boost work performance and longevity,
allowing you to continue doing what you love for many years to come!

Myth: Hearing aids are unaffordable
Reality: Yes, they are expensive….but there are a wide range of prices and financing options available when it comes to purchasing hearing aids, and it’s easy for us to help you find the right one! For example, like with your smartphone, you can pay for your hearing aids a little bit each month. Additionally, some insurance plans cover at least a partial cost of the devices! But the truth is, the longer you wait to get a hearing aid, the more severe your hearing loss will be, and you’ll wind up paying the higher price for more powerful devices. That’s why it’s so important to purchase hearing aids as soon as you notice the first signs of hearing loss. Your wallet and your ears will thank you.

Myth: Hearing aid technology is out-of-date
Reality: Modern hearing aids actually incorporate the best of modern computing technology into miniature devices! Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream high-quality audio from your smartphone, TV, computer – even new smart doorbells – directly to your hearing aid! With smartphone app control, you can control your hearing aid settings directly from your smartphone – no need to fiddle around with tiny buttons on your hearing aid or trek to the doctor for minor adjustments! Finally, many new hearing aids are fully rechargeable, which removes the need to constantly change pesky batteries.

Myth: You have to visit an audiologist if you want to change your device’s settings
Reality: Modern hearing aids allow you to make discreet settings adjustments directly from your smartphone. Additionally, these devices automatically reduce distracting background noise and adjust to your environment, so you’ll rarely have to visit an audiologist after your fitting!

Myths: All hearing aids are nonrefundable
Reality: offers a 45 day risk-free hearing aid trial! We believe everyone needs to test personal devices like hearing aids BEFORE they buy. They have to work for you.

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