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Phonak has always set new standards in developing innovative and modern hearing systems. The leading Swiss manufacturer of hearing aids has more than 60 years of continuously successful company history. In developing new hearing aids it is always the customer’s, wishes and individual needs upon which they focus.

In so many environments and situations outside and in, we depend on our hearing for orientation. But impaired hearing makes it difficult to determine where a voice or a sound is coming from. The multi-microphone technology in Phonak's modern hearing aids can detect whether a sound comes from the right or left, front or rear. The devices only intensify the incoming signal from the side it is perceived with the most volume which gives spatial orientation to the wearer (directional hearing).



Phonak's top products

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State of the Art Swiss technology

Another top Phonak technology is its SoundRecover. which allows the user to perceive extended soundscapes by compressing high frequencies and shifting them to the audible range to attain a full sound spectrum. Using this and many other technologies Phonak provides users of modern hearing solutions with a terrific and versatile sound experience.

The Venture Platform

In 2014 Phonak introduced its newest Platform Venture which is characterized in particular through its increased calculating speed that enables a twice as fast computing power in comparison to its predecessor platform Phonak Quest. On top of that there is a 30% lower power consumption while streaming music or calling. On the basis of this newly created platform, Phonak was able to implement AutoSense OS, which among others helps to create a seamless transition from one hearing situation to another. The directional microphones have undergone significant improvement too in order to ensure a smooth adjustment of unwanted background noises in order to guarantee an improved acoustic image.

Passionate research

Phonak’s focus is always on people when developing hearing aids. The Swiss hearing aid manufacturer works with hearing aid providers around the world to improve the everyday life of the hearing impaired. The vision driving Phonak is the idea of a world without limitations. To this end they are always on the lookout for new, creative ways for breaking through the limits of technology. This passion for development culminated in the “Lyric” introduced in 2011. The “contact lens for the ear” is the first hearing solution that can be worn around the clock for up to four months. This and other new products make Phonak one of the most innovative companies repeatedly revolutionizing the world of hearing aids.

Phonak News

On the occasion of Europe's biggest hearing aids exhibition in 2015 the Swiss manufacturer presented its newly developed In-The-Ear-model Phonak Virto V. It combines the advantages of the Venture Platform with a completely new and ultra small design enabled through a flexible placed wireless antenna. The visible surface of the housing is about 25% smaller compared to the previous hearing aid generation.

Each model is a manufactured one of a kind fitting perfectly in the ear canal through innovative 3D print technology. The Phonak Virto V is available in 6 different models with up to 4 technology levels. Some of the models even offer wireless connectivity with technical devices such as phone, TV or HIFI sound systems. Furthermore, for the first time a so called Balance Noiser to reduce tinnitus has been integrated into the custom-made Phonak hearing aid.

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Customer voices

“It was an insidious process over several years before I realized I had to act. Only when I experienced major problems during meetings did I actually go to a hearing aid provider. I certainly waited far too long and see now how I made life far too difficult for myself during that period.

Customer Voices Phonak
Titus Dittmann - Skateboard Legend

I remember so well the first day I wore hearing aids. I skateboarded to the baker on a Saturday morning. The ride was relatively normal, but on the way back I could hear the rustling of the bag of bread rolls! I’d never been so conscious of that before!” I want to enjoy life to its fullest and not have to limit myself. I am frequently on the go, mingling with lots of people and I like to communicate. However, when you constantly have to ask people to repeat themselves because you didn't get half of what was said, it's tiring and frustrating. If you want to enjoy life to the full, and take in all the details, you need all of your senses. So hearing is extremely important! I’ve started to notice the difference since wearing the hearing aids.”


ComPilot Air II is also a new Phonak product. This streamer transmits the sounds of the TV, Tablet, computer or Bluetooth phone to the hearing aids, whereby ComPilot functions as a remote control and interface between the media source and the hearing aids.

Signals are transmitted via Bluetooth and radio, guaranteeing a stable connection for an indescribable listening experience. With Phonak EasyCall, you can connect all hearing aids to cellphones or smartphones - and transfer calls directly to the hearing systems.

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