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Which hearing aid is right for my lifestyle?

Hearing aids can be divided into high-end, intermediate, and general types depending on your lifestyle. There are many choices depending on whether you are active, socialize a lot, or live mainly at home and these determine hearing aid prices as well. We recommend that you review your lifestyle and choose a hearing aid that is right for you.

Table of Contents
  • High-end hearing aid
  • Mid-range hearing aid
  • Basic hearing aid

High-end hearing aids: for an active social life and to hear minute, sophisticated sounds.

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  • Only a specific range (frequency) is difficult to hear.
  • I want to hear accurate and precise sounds.
  • I like to listen to music and often go to concerts.
  • I want to cancel out the surrounding noise and hear voices clearly.
  • High-end hearing aid price is in the Rs. 3 lacs range (Single-ear).

A high-end hearing aid?

  • Supports 32 and 48 channels
    A channel is a division of a frequency band that a hearing aid is involved in. A greater number of channels allows for more delicate adjustments in order to meet the various needs of the hearing aid wearer. This is a big factor in high-end hearing aid prices.
  • Automatic setting adjustment
    It has a motion sensor that automatically detects the sounds you need to hear as you move, such as focusing in front when sitting and zooming in to a wide radius while walking. If there are places you visit often, you can set the  “Favorites” function.
  • 360° direction sound detection
    It detects ambient voices and environmental sounds in 360° to deliver the optimal sound. It is possible to three-dimensionally detect the sound of passing vehicles while talking while wearing a mask or walking or climbing, so it is possible to prepare for dangerous situations.
  • Electronic device Bluetooth connection
    It wirelessly connects the hearing aid, TV, and smartphone via Bluetooth through a small repeater. Delivers sound directly to your hearing aids in situations such as talking on the phone, listening to music or watching TV.

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Mid-range hearing aids: to hear everyday sounds and clear speech

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  • I want to hear exactly what is being said on the TV or radio.
  • I want to hear more clearly when talking on the phone.
  • I like outdoor activities such as hiking and biking.
  • I want to hear the sounds of everyday life clearly.
  • Mid-range hearing aid price is in the Rs. 70 thousand range (Single-ear).

Mid-range hearing aids?

  • 16, 24 channel support
    Mid-range hearing aids are good for living indoors or staying in a certain place featuring technology that automatically distinguishes, amplifies, and reduces speech sounds and noises.
  • Directional listening
    A directional feature that detects the direction the sound is coming from has been added, and on some models TV and phone sounds are delivered directly to the hearing aids. Mid-range hearing aid prices keep both value and essential features in mind
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Basic hearing aids: for those spend a lot of time at home

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  • I want to hear the sounds of everyday life clearly.
  • I spend a lot of time at home, watching videos and talking on the phone frequently.
  • I go outdoors occasionally.
  • Basic hearing aid prices range from Rs. 25 thousand onwards (Single-ear).

Basic hearing aids?

  • 8, 12 channels supported
    It has all the basic features such as digital technology, feedback reduction, and programs tailored to your hearing. Recommended when your living space is limited to your home.
  • Remove feedback
    Automatically eliminates feedback noise, a beep that can be heard when wearing a hearing aid. However, basic hearing aid prices are at a level which doesn’t allow for many additional features. If you have an active social life other than watching TV or talking on the phone, we recommend a mid-range or higher hearing aid.
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