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Signia hearing aids

Renowned for quality, German manufacturer Signia, (formerly Siemens) has been developing high-quality hearing technology for over 130 years. In over 100 countries around the world, Signia hearing aids help people to actively live their life again. As one of the largest and most innovative hearing aid manufacturers, Signia often acts as a frontrunner for development and pushing technology.

Signia hearing aids are innovative hearing solutions that focus on the needs of customers while guaranteeing the highest quality and satisfaction.

Your advantages with Signia:

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Precise directional hearing

4 independent microphones and synchronous sound processing - for a natural spatial perception

signia hearing aids help live better

Intelligent noise detection

Noise and echos are automatically detected and filtered - for better speech understanding and conversations in noisy environments

signia hearing aids bluetooth smartphone connectivity

Smart operation

You can use your smartphone or remote control to transfer phone calls, music or television directly into your ear - with sound in HD quality

Signia hearing aids

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