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Value Beyond Your Imagination

Do you realize how important good hearing is when it comes to staying connected to the world around you, including those you love? Or that continuous innovations in hardware and software have been proven to deliver incredible results in people with hearing loss? But imagine being effortlessly engaged in conversations with the people you care about or having more clarity during the moments that really matter. To live well, you need to hear well, so here’s what you should know:

Your Hearing is Essential

All-day, every day your brain relies on your sense of hearing to keep you aware, informed, and engaged. With hearing loss, not only is it harder to understand what people are saying, but it affects you in other ways, too — both mentally and physically. For example, it’s responsible for misunderstandings with people, leads to embarrassing moments, impacts your performance at work, and leaves you exhausted by the end of the day. Study after study has also proven that hearing loss puts you at an increased risk of depression, cognitive decline, and dementia.

You Need a Personalized Solution

Your hearing loss is as unique as your fingerprint. There is a solution for everyone, but the best hearing aids for YOU need to be personalized to your unique hearing loss, lifestyle, preferences, and budget. Generic solutions that simply amplify all sound will only make your hearing worse. The more you want to be out and about, the more technology you’ll need to hear comfortably in every situation. This is why we encourage you to “get as much technology as you can afford,” so you’re in control and your hearing doesn’t slow you down, no matter the situation. As part of your investment, a qualified hearing care professional will personalize your hearing aids based on your audiogram and your feedback on what sounds good to you.

One of the Smartest Investments You Can Make

Considering you’ll wear a good pair of hearing aids from morning ‘til night, they’ll easily be the most-used device you own. Since they last for at least 5 years — compared to the amount of money you invest in other essential items like your car, cable, internet, groceries, etc. — your hearing aids are just a fraction of the cost when you break it down by month. With a 5-year finance plan, you can get a pair of the most advanced hearing aids for $145 per month or go with a basic pair for as low as $25 per month. Since hearing loss is progressive and will only get worse, the time to act is now.

Guarantee Your Best Outcome with

We work with all leading manufacturers and have a network of qualified hearing care professionals across the U.S., which allows us to provide you with unbiased recommendations. Based on your specific hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget, our experts match you with the best hearing aids and professional care. We take the time to understand your situation and what’s most important to you; then guide you through the entire process to guarantee your success — or your money back. In the end, if you’re like most of our customers, you’re only regret will be, “I wish I did this sooner.”

Jesse Botella

Jesse's love for attending rock concerts without ear protection caused him to develop noise-induced hearing loss in his right ear. He now uses his personal experience and passion for words to write about hearing loss and the benefits of wearing hearing aids.

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